Lowell Joint School District Home

Teacher of the Year 2021 LaReina Ayers, Classified Employee of the Year 2020 Tena Serrano, Classified Employee of the Year 2021 Beverly Schambeck and Teacher of the Year 2022 Becky Champion were honored at our most recent Board Meeting

3rd graders at Meadow Green at recess on their first day back at school.

Back to School for our students!

So excited to see our little ones back in the classroom!

Welcome back Lowell Joint Students!!!

DAR Essay Contest Winners Alyse Gutierrez, Isabel Pinedo-Reza and Sophia De Leon

Mrs. Mcteggart celebrates the 100th day of school with her students

Ugly Sweater Contest at the District Office

Congratulations to our 2021 Teacher of the Year LaReina Ayers from Olita Elementary!

Congratulations to our 2020 Classified Employee of the Year, Tena Serrano from Rancho!

Macy Teachers greeting their students during Grateful Giveaway drive thru

A Jordan teacher and her student at the Drive Thru Monster Mash

El Portal Teachers and Parents dress up for their Monster Mash

Olita Teachers participating in the Monster Mash

Mrs. Fonti as Where's Waldo for the Macy Monster Mash


District Mission

The Lowell Joint School District is committed to providing a strong academic program of 21st Century Skills with a well-rounded program of diverse and innovative subject offerings.  All District Schools emphasize the importance of education, the family, and traditional values.  We stress the value of personal integrity, social responsibility, and a respect for our national heritage.​  The Lowell Joint School District envisions a culture where technology empowers all members of the school community to achieve success and expand learning beyond the walls of the classroom. All stakeholders will utilize technology to become highly competent in a technological world through continuous improvement in academics, career, and life.