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2019 Teacher of the Year, Kristen Gober from Meadow Green Elementary and 2018-2019 Classified Staff of the Year, Sandy Jan from the Guidance/Curriculum Department are presented their awards for their Outstanding Year.  

Miss Braski helps one of her 1st grade students while teaching at Jordan Elementary.

Rancho Starbuck Principal Linda Takacs, Rancho students and PTA along with Jan Averill; Assistant Superintendent, Education Services Sheri McDonald; Board Member Fred Schambeck; Superintendent Jim Coombs; and Dr. David Verdugo display their much deserved award as a High Performing Middle School.  Many thanks to Director of Schools to Watch Dr. Irv Howard for presenting this award.  Congratulations to Rancho Starbuck!

A primary grade student concentrates while spending time in the computer lab at Meadow Green Elementary.

A Rancho Starbuck student utilizes the different programs and technology while in class.

Principal David Shun high fives a group of 2nd graders as they run past him in the Macy Fun Run.

During a 911 Ceremony, Rancho Starbuck students observe a moment of silence.

Jordan Elementary students and teachers take their learning outdoors.

Rancho Starbuck Principal Mrs. Takacs participates in the 911 Ceremony.

A young student participates in class.

The Rancho Starbuck drumline practices for an upcoming performance.

A student looks in her virtual reality view master as part of her lesson.

Mrs. Gober's 3rd grade class actively listens while she teaches.

Latest News

Yes on LL

Thank You to the Lowell Families for Measure LL!

Good Morning Lowell Family! I am sure you have heard the good news that our Lowell community has graciously supported our schools by passing our Master Facility Bond (Measure LL) by 62%. Your wonderful care and support will help us begin the much needed repairs to our school campuses. In my short time serving in Lowell, I have learned that Lowell Joint School District has always been a very special community and once again you are reaching back to demonstrate your care for our students through our school facilities.


District Mission

The Lowell Joint School District is committed to providing a strong academic program of 21st Century Skills with a well-rounded program of diverse and innovative subject offerings.  At all of the District Schools, we emphasize the importance of education, the family, and traditional values.  We stress the value of personal integrity, social responsibility, and a respect for our national heritage.