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Core Values

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"A Tradition of Excellence Since 1906"
“Home of Scholars and Champions”
Core Values
                        “…the philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next.” Abraham Lincoln
                                              “…the education of one generation develops the leaders and government of the next…”                                                                                                                                                  Mrs. Janet B. Averill

Moral and Civic Values: The Board of Trustees of the Lowell Joint School District subscribes to the belief that public education must foster in students an understanding of the moral values and civic responsibilities that form the foundation of our American Heritage and Society. It is important that all school personnel promote in students the acceptance of commonly held Core Values of right and wrong, concern for the welfare of others, and respect for democratic practices. On September 11, 2017, the Board of Trustees endorsed the following list of moral and civic values and the accompanying definitions which are stated as behaviors exemplified by students and staff living up to these values.
Exhibits patience and hard work in achieving goals; works, learns, and pursues constructive goals, even in the face of adversity.
Exhibits sound moral principles, virtues, and good character demonstrating honesty and trustworthiness in the community.
Treats others justly, fairly, and with dignity; shows high regard for others and treats them as they would like to be treated.  Affirms the worth of self, others, property, and the environment through attitudes and actions. Accepts the necessity of being accountable and the consequences of individual actions, reactions, and decisions; honors commitments; demonstrates an active commitment to the welfare of self and others.
Exhibits a value of and commitment to our American National Heritage and the public good; works for the community and cooperates with others; respects and participates in the democratic process; observes all laws and rules; and resolves conflicts peacefully. 
Works well together combining individual talents and strengths, supporting each other, and then working cooperatively to achieve mutual objectives.  Demonstrates caring, concern, and sensitivity; exhibits tolerance; treats others politely, mercifully, and with respect and dignity; renders service when needed.
Tells truth; does not cheat, intentionally mislead, or steal; possesses the courage to behave and conduct interactions with integrity; exhibits consistency between words and actions; behaves in a fair and straightforward manner; and conscientiously pursues and scrutinizes evidence that supports the truth.
Mission Statement
The Lowell Joint School District is committed to providing a strong academic program of 21st Century Skills with a well-rounded program of diverse and innovative subject offerings.  All District Schools emphasize the importance of education, the family, and traditional values.  We stress the value of personal integrity, social responsibility, and a respect for our national heritage.​  The Lowell Joint School District envisions a culture where technology empowers all members of the school community to achieve success and expand learning beyond the walls of the classroom. All stakeholders will utilize technology to become highly competent in a technological world through continuous improvement in academic