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Lowell Joint School District

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By-Trustee Areas and Map

At the January 16, 2018, Board of Trustees Board Meeting, the Lowell Joint School District selected the District's By-Trustee Area Election Map.
At the February 7, 2022, Board of Trustees Board meeting, the Lowell Joint School District selected the adjusted Trustee Area Boundaries from which the District Governing Board Members are elected.   This is effective February 7, 2022 through 2032.
To view the interactive map, click HERE.
Board Member and Area:
Mrs. Regina L. Woods - Trustee Area #1
Mrs. Christine J. Berg - Trustee Area #2 
Dr. Anthony A. Zegarra – Trustee Area #3
Ms. Karen L. Shaw – Trustee Area #4
Mrs. Anastasia “Staci” M. Shackelford – Trustee Area #5