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STEAM Innovation Labs (TK-6)

Lowell Joint School District is deeply committed to producing individuals who are leaders at applying 21st century skills and contemporary thinking in all aspects of their personal and professional lives.  In order to assist students at becoming the best they can possibly be, district schools integrate STEAM activities in our weekly programming.  
What is STEAM?
STEAM stands for ScienceTechnologyEngineeringMath and Arts.  A true STEAM experience involves two or more standards from any of those focuses to be taught and assessed through each other.  It is designed to create an interest and spark a life long love of the arts and sciences from a very early age.
STEAM activities and projects greatly enhance the core curriculum and have many learning benefits when incorporating it to a curriculum as Lowell Joint School District does in all of our schools.  Just a few of those benefits are:
  • Offering Meaningful Collaboration between Students
    • When students have to work together to get a solution they learn to divide responsibilities, listen to and encourage each other in the learning process.  This collaboration is a critical skills for the 21st century workforce.
  • Increases Critical Thinking
    • By requiring students to work through problems and draw from prior knowledge in problem solving for solutions, they are forced to use critical thinking skills that may not otherwise be put to the test.
  • Use Hands On Learning
    • STEAM gives all students the opportunity to use hands on learning by using different tools and materials in order to discover how something works.
The benefits of a STEAM program are endless and provide valuable skills for the 21st century.  All students at Lowell Joint are profiting from this incredible program and we are excited to see how these experiences shape them into the learners they strive to be and the future professionals we know they can become!