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Lowell Joint recognizes the importance of technology and how essential it is in the 21st century.  Because of this we are proud to offer coding classes to all our students starting at 5th grade.  This program is led by Cod.Ed, a company that specializes in teaching youth how to code various programs. Through this partnership, Amazon Alexa A.I. and Python coding language is taught to our younger elementary aged students.  This entry level curriculum builds a strong foundation for those students who have an interest in pursuing computer science as a career path in the future.  They are taught how to create custom commands for their Amazon Alexa devices or use their Python coding skills to create general-purpose programming for devices and web development.  This curriculum is led by Cod.Ed's talented instructors who have experience working with younger children and are accustomed to their style of learning.


Our coding program for our junior high students concentrates on Java.  This is also led by Cod.Ed's instructors who are well versed in the Java language.  These specialty classes are offered through one of our AP programs at the junior high school. 


By offering these types of programs to the students of Lowell Joint we are sparking an interest in technology and providing them with many career options for their future.  We are excited to see what these students will do with this knowledge and proud to provide it to them!