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Character Education

In the Lowell Joint School District, one very important part of our curriculum includes the teaching of character traits in order to strengthen our students’ self-esteem, personal responsibility, and decision making and develop the moral convictions of right and wrong to withstand undesirable peer pressure.

Character Education is not new. Teaching of right behavior and conduct in life started with our founding fathers, who recognized that the preservation of freedom in a democratic society depended upon the perpetuation of certain basic principles. In recent years, public concern about today’s children has begun to merge into a call for renewed attention and response to the building of character and ethical behavior in the school children of this nation. Increasingly, the consensus is that principles that should be learned from preschool age on in the home and the community, as well as in school, are not being consistently transmitted to the younger generations.

Believing this, our District has placed a high priority of providing a Character Education Handbook for every teacher so that each child receives instruction and practice in building strong, responsible character. A curriculum guide, developed by a committee of administrators and teachers, includes lessons built around nine major themes, each exploring character traits through quotes, sayings, and classroom activities that utilize student involvement, interaction, and planned follow-through.

The Lowell Joint teachers and administrators are committed to teaching these nine character traits. We believe that the impact of that teaching will be greatly enhanced if those same traits are taught, supported, and reinforced at home. For that reason, we ask parents to join us in this partnership.

Each month all schools in the District focus on a major theme, such as responsibility. For that month, students will learn about responsibility and what it means to apply it to their daily lives. They will be asked to be more responsible in their academic and social life at school and to then share what they have learned with their parents through family homework activities. In this way, we hope to make a lasting impression in this area of character development.

The following is a list of the character education themes by month that are emphasized in the Lowell Joint School District:


August: Citizenship

September: Respect

October: Making Good Choices

November: Gratitude

December: Kindness

January: Goal Setting

February: Honesty and Truthfulness

March: Self Discipline and Self Control

April: Responsibility

May: Friendship