Thank You to the Lowell Families for Measure LL!

You should also know that a very small and mighty MEASURE LL CORE TEAM coordinated the campaign and deserves our appreciation and thanks.  The MEASURE LL CORE TEAM included the following people, along with everyone that volunteered to help - which was some of you. :

  • Cyndi Caffrey (Co-Chair)                                    
  • Dr. David Verdugo (Co-Chair)                            
  • Dr. Stuart Gothold
  • Kim Johnson
  • Lyn Carty
  • Patty Jacobsen
  • Andrea Reynolds
  • Jim Coombs

When you get a chance, PLEASE tell them how much you appreciate them for their dedicastion and hard work; THEY ARE AWESOME!  There were a ton of folks who helped walk door-to-door, spoke at PTA meetings with their neighbors, passed out information, and 101 other things to help us pass this measure - THANK YOU!!

Now we get to roll up our sleeves and really dig in - YEAHAA!  First and foremost, thank you again for being such incredible members of the Lowell Family and for the care of our students; you continue to ignite the fire in all of us.  In regards to our Measure LL Bond, thank you for all of your hard work and support; we are so blessed.  HAVE AN AWESOME DAY!!


Jim Coombs

Superintendent of Schools