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Dual Immersion Program

Lowell Joint School District is proud to build on our tradition of academic success and excellence by offering the Dual Immersion Academy at Jordan Elementary beginning the 2019/2020 school year. In response to the requests of our Lowell families we are excited to be able to launch the Dual Immersion Academy beginning with Transitional Kindergarten, Kindergarten, and 1st graders, who will be the first to experience this esteemed program. Students will begin their journey in a 90/10 instructional program, which means that 90% of their instruction will be in their target language and 10% in English.  This ratio will gradually adjust until they reach 4th grade when the instruction will be 50/50. The goal of Lowell Joint School District is to have our students both bi-lingual and bi-literate, and that our alumni graduate from high school with the highly acclaimed California Seal of Bi-Literacy on their High School Diploma. Fully credentialed and bilingual licensed teachers will instruct these engaging classrooms with bilingual and bi-literate students who will be able to utilize what they've been taught on a daily basis.

We are very excited to bring an additional level of learning to the Lowell Joint School District and can't wait to see how this advances our students learning in the future.  We greatly appreciate the overwhelming support and hard work of our instructional staff and Board of Trustees.