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Congratulations to the CoFA and Academy students on a successful year!

Congratulations to the CoFA and Academy students for their hard work throughout the school year.  The culmination of this program is a presentation where students are required to present their research in both digital and oral formats. Their amazing presentations display a year of dedication and perseverance which is evident in their capstone projects. To be enrolled in the CoFA a student must be enrolled in a visual or performing art such as ceramics, band, choir or painting and receive an A in that course. The Honors Academy credentials require a student to be enrolled in at least one honors course and maintain an overall GPA of 3.8. This is the first year of this incredible program at Rancho Starbuck and it was a huge success with 14 students finishing the program. The list of presenters and presentations is below:

- Isabel Brown - Sing to Heal

- Matthew Baxter - My Journey

- Tanya Cruz - Relentless

- Julianne Canda - Increase Awareness & Benefits of Golf at Rancho Starbuck

- Janelle Fernandez - Art Kits for Special Education Students

- Kaneiya Desai - "Zone" - Help Manage Stress & Improve Focus

- Thomas Glasscock - Recycling at Rancho Starbuck

- Drew Healey - Global Warming

- Tazia Mohammed - Tales of Afghanistan

- Jacob Merioles - What's the Importance of Art

- Yanmife Oke - Racial Awareness

- Tazia Mohammed - Songs of the Middle East

- Sharon Sung - Art for Conservation

- Katie Tran - The Road to Acceptance

- Adalyn Rodriguez - The Beginning of New Stars

Congratulations again!  We can't wait to see what wonderful things you do throughout the rest of your educational career!