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Lowell Joint School District

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By-Trustee Areas

At the January 16, 2018, Board of Trustees Board Meeting, the Lowell Joint School District selected the Yellow Map to be the District's By-Trustee Area Election Map.
The next steps for the District will be to gain approval from the County Committee and California Department of Education before the November 2018 election.
We also have available an interactive map. This site allows users to zoom in and out; to change from map to map; to change from street map to satellite map to topographical map, and to search for a specific address. 
Board Member and Area:
Mrs. Melissa Salinas – Trustee Area #1
Mr. Bill Hinz – Trustee Area #2
Mr. Fred Schambeck – Trustee Area #3
Ms. Karen Shaw – Trustee Area #4
Mrs. Anastasia “Staci” Shackelford – Trustee Area #5